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At first, I had to grow silent and hear something I have never done before to make my own compositions. I transervice-level-agreementted these emotions into the language of music to express. The emotion is very important in the process of composing, because this would be a sequence of music notes without it. I tried the best to formulate the music say inside me.

Dear music-loving Visitor, accept with love my own compositions!



Travelling on Cloud
01. Dreaming of You
02. Travelling on Cloud
03. Complained to Me
04. First Glimpse
05. Romantic Memories
06. Will You Marry Me
07. Winter Sunrise
08. Melody from the Past
09. Belated Confession
10. Midnight Waltz
11. The First Rime
12. Running Away
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This album is available on CD and on streaming platforms from: 2023-06-08