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I would like to introduce myself below on a little more detailed way.

So, who is TheHobby Pianist?
I am. My name is József Kiss, and I was born in 1981. I am hungarian and I live and work in Hungary.

Why hobby pianist?
The fact is that I did not become a full-time musician. I did not choose the musical profession, but the music was the key element in my life. I did not learn on music academy and not even on music high. This is the reason of never was unable to compete in playing the piano with professionals, but I did not intend to.
I was a fluitist in the music school at first. The obligatory piano was the part of my learning plan later. I was afraid to it, because I had no idea how to read 2 lines of sheet music at the same time (left and right hand). Finally, I loved it and this was the musical instrument that did not stop to play. Playing the flute has been stopped but I am planinng to continue.

The pros start early to practise a specific instrument. I went to music school just at 12 years old and started to play the piano at 15-16 years old. The mobility of my fingers and my expression can not be on a same level as musicians who practise since the beginning of their life.
I am also just a hobby pianist, because a few years of music school practising is behind me. I did not learn more in music schools on higher levels, I made my practising habits for myself. I think that it is possible to get far away, but it may not be sufficient to become a real pro musician.

What kind of musical genre I play and compose?
I like to play many different styles because I like these kind of diversity. I like to play classical music and my own compositions too. The pop music of old times are also dear to me. I like to study and play ragtimes, boogie-woogie and blues musical directions. The improvisation, the way of performing and practising, the feelings given by the artist... these are different things, far away from the classical music for example.
Since I have a serious recorder and flute background, it is likely that I will also play these instruments on the next recordings.
In addition to all this, composing symphonic music is also a favorite pastime of mine, I compose the well-known melodies of the Christmas Edition, which is currently being prepared, accompanied by a large orchestra.

Goals I like to achive:
My most important goal is to be a successful pianist and composer by my standards. I think that I am going to this direction, but have still much to study and work.
I would like to build a significant repertiore in the styles mentioned before, and make one or two CD in my home studio.
You can check my progress continuously on this website.

My job...
Currently I work in software quality assurance.